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Check-up Unit

Arranging your check-up and health assessment is easy.


We offer comprehensive assessments that can be completed in 4 hours or up to 2 days, depending on the type of check-up you choose. All tests are personalised:


▪ Women’s health check
▪ Men’s health check
▪ Cardiovascular screening
▪ Early diagnosis of cancer and its prevention
▪ Others (depending on your individualised assessment)


Prevention is the best investment you can make in your health


HC Marbella International Hospital offers a Check-up Programme that is customised to the needs of each patient, with the aim of “preventing diseases before they appear and curing those that have already appeared”.


Medical specialists recommend yearly check-ups starting at age 40. The customised medical check-up is for:


▪ Asymptomatic people who want to determine their health status with high accuracy and identify risk factors to which they may be exposed.
▪ People who have any type of symptom, in order to assess the impact of the illness on other organs and prevent future disorders.


During your personalised check-up, you will be under the supervision of a specialist in internal medicine, who will determine the tests that will be done. Our main check-up types are:


Programme 1: Essential Check-up

Programme 2: Advanced Check-up

Programme 3: Day Case Complete Check-up

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