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Dr. Teresa Moreno Ramos joins our Neurology Unit

We welcome Dr. Teresa Moreno Ramos to the HC Marbella team.

Presentación Dra. Teresa Moreno


Graduated in Medicine in 1999 and Ph.D. in 2011, she completed her Neurology residency and later worked as a Neurology FEA at Hospital 12 de Octubre (in Madrid), until 2012.


Before joining HC Marbella, our specialist in Neurology worked as coordinator of the Dementia Unit at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital. In the last five years, she has participated in the publication of more than 50 articles on cognitive impairment.


Since then, Dr. Moreno has dedicated herself especially to Cognitive Neurology and behavior disorders; both in his clinical and research activities. Being her main line of research biomarkers in neurodegenerative pathology.


Her empathy, experience, and dedication to the patient make her currently a principal investigator in eight clinical trials.


Today, she is also an active member of the Spanish Society of Neurology.



Dezember 1, 2020





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