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HC Marbella’s new PET-CT can detect lesions which are up to 36% smaller

HC Marbella has invested 1 million euros to be able to launch their new PET-CT scanner, the most advanced technology available for the early detection, monitoring and planning of cancer treatment.


nuevo pet tac

What’s most important to us…? Our patients!


HC Marbella aspires to be the leading cancer treatment centre in the Marbella/Costa de Sol/Malaga region and to compete with the leading national and international cancer centres

Achieving this requires the best equipment available and the best team, always working together to offer our patients the best health results. Early diagnosis and highly accurate monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment are the fundamental reasons for installing our new PET-CT scanner.


In the year 2000, PET-CT dual technology was a diagnostic revolution in oncology. This latest technological development, which we wanted to offer our patients, has made it the diagnostic tool of choice in oncology treatment and monitoring.


After the recent expansion of the HC Cancer Center, introducing the first Radiotherapy Centre in Marbella, HC remains committed to providing patients with access to the best in cancer diagnosis and treatment.


To be able to locally deliver an early diagnosis, we have invested more than 1 million euros in a new PET-CT scanner. PET-CT is an essential diagnostic technique which enables your medical team to diagnose disease at a very early stage and allows your oncologist and radiotherapist to monitor your case more effectively, resulting in more effective treatment and ultimately in improved health. PET-CT offers essential information on the location, extension and behaviour of disease, and afterwards on its progress and response to treatment.


This technology offers anatomical/metabolic information in real time with high diagnostic accuracy, whilst enabling the most effective treatment to be designed for each patient.


New PET-CT for oncology patients


pet para pacientes oncologicos

Amongst the technological leaps forward incorporated in the new equipment at HC Marbella, is that for patients with lung cancer. It enables even more accurate detection of micronodules in the lung, when they are so small that they cannot be biopsied. “43% of lung biopsies are negative, and could be avoided thanks to information provided by this technology”, states Dr Sedeno, adding, “ PSMA PET-CT more effectively detects whether prostate cancer has spread to other parts of the body, key information in deciding whether to attack the tumour locally (surgery/radiotherapy) or systemically (chemotherapy)”.



PET-CT is also an essential tool in understanding treatment response. It is fundamental in the remission phase, keeping doctors alert to any sign of recurrence.


PET-CT also a leap forward in radiotherapy, as “it helps to more accurately define the active zone of the tumour, to increase the safe, effective dose delivered in that area. In others, with inflammatory or benign anatomical changes, it distinguishes between what is tumour, and what is not”, explains Dr Paula Sedano, radiotherapist at HC Marbella. As a result the team at the Radiotherapy Unit are able to design a treatment strategy which accurately attacks the tumour, respecting health tissue.


panificacion con PET TAC

PET-CT is fast technology, the new equipment enables the patient to spend less time in the machine. The tunnel design is shorter than in older conventional machines, removing the sensation of claustrophobia. A safe technology for the patient, it is able to synchronise with the patient’s breathing, providing excellent imaging results and requiring 50% less radiopharmaceutical and 60% less radiation.


New PET-CT for neurology patients.


pet tac pacientes neuro

This technology permits accurate monitoring of Central Nervous System tumours and assessment of cerebral processes, whether the person is at rest or carrying out a specific activity. An essential test in the detection of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, it provides an early differential diagnosis of dementia and localisation of epileptic foci in refractory epilepsy, prior to surgery.

“This helps us to detect Alzheimer’s when symptoms are still mild, to establish a plan to try and slow down deterioration and improve the patient’s quality of life”, concludes Dr Teresa Moreno Ramos, Consultant Neurologist.



Mai 21, 2021





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