Thanks to HC Marbella International Hospital staff

Testimonio Marta Velasco Thanks to the good telephone reception, the closeness and compression that I have received from Ana Borges. She answered my desperate help call, with an unlimited listening and compression ability. That made me gather the courage to come to the hospital.


Thanks to the attention of the kitchen staff for their exquisite dishes and kindness (it is special to Toni and Carmen).


Thanks to the nursing staff for the care provided, closeness and humane treatment.


Thanks to the professionalism of Dr. Villamor and his clarifying explanations.


Thank you for the love received from Roxane and her good therapeutic work.


Thanks to Dr. Javier López-Ibor for his closeness and humane treatment.


Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU, to all the staff of the HC INTERNATIONAL hospital.


You have made me feel better than at home.



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