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Treatments for alopecia

The treatments we are about to describe can be done separately or combined, depending on each person´s circumstances.

Treatments for alopecia


Small injections of carbon dioxide gas in the scalp produce the Bohr effect: an increase in the concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide) makes haemoglobin liberate the oxygen within it; that means the CO2 injected is transformed into oxygen (O2) and this oxygen directly nourishes the hair follicle at the cellular level, strengthening the weak hair that was about to fall out.


In this way it drastically reduces hair loss. This treatment is indicated in both men and women who have decreased amounts of hair mainly due to hormonal changes.


Results are visible in a few sessions.



The treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) improves the cases of androgenic alopecia and also may be used as a maintenance treatment.


PRP is obtained from the patient´s own blood sample. The treatment consists of the injection of growth factors intradermally to stimulate and improve hair growth. After taking the patient´s blood sample, it is treated, centrifuged and injected into the scalp.


Results are visible in a few sessions.


Led light phototherapy

With phototherapy (Therapy with light) the skin, nails, hair or the area to be treated is exposed to a medium intensity light, somewhere between the intensity of the sunlight and a laser light. This light stimulates photoreceptors that induce a concatenation of biological responses that modify some cell structures, causing the desired effects. In conclusion, the LED light induces self-healing in areas where it is applied. As a result, the hair and the nails grow faster if Photobiological Therapy is applied.


Los tratamientos descritos pueden hacerse por separado o combinados, dependerá de cada caso la elección de ello.

Dra. Ana Téllez

Dr. Ana Téllez
Aesthetic Medicine



August 9, 2021





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