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Testimonio Laura MartinezThanks to every one of the people who make the HC team, for the professionalism and treatment that you have given me during the illness I have suffered.


Starting with Dra. Escobar who not only saved my life. She has given me a new and prettier body, she has treated me so many times and has helped me a lot in the post-operative.


Thanks to her secretary María José, who has always treated me with patience and kindness.


To her nurse Rocío and also to Natalia. To each and every one of the nurses who treated me with such affection while I was admitted.


To the hospital chef who kindly shared her recipes with me.


To Lorena and Sara from oncology so kind and optimistic always.


Isabel, Simona and Dr. Ramos, who knew how to see the invisible in my imaging tests.


And since yesterday also to Alba, who together with Sara made an experience that is very scary (as is your first chemo sesión) was a pleasant experience and get out of there with a rush of joy.


And of course to Dr. Cortés, who makes all this possible. I can only say that who goes to HC no longer returns to another hospital on the coast. We are lucky. Thank you very much and congratulations on the work you do. You are great.



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