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ABCDE Melanoma

Early diagnosis of melanoma is the key to ensuring a favorable prognosis.


The identification and excision of melanomas in early stages ensures a good patient prognosis but requires monitoring and thorough skin examination periodically. In fact, survival rates are around 90-95% in cases of non-invasive melanomas. However, in their infiltrating forms melanoma has high mortality rates, with survival rates lower than 20% when it has spread to other organs


A regular physical examination by a dermatologist ensures early identification of malignant or premalignant lesions

ABCDE Melanoma


ABCDE Melanoma


A Asymmetry: Asymmetrical forms

B Borders: Uneven borders

C Color: Color inhomogeneous, two or more colors

D Diameter: Greater diameter than 6 mm (1/4 inch)

E Evolution: changes in size, shape, color, or other aspects


Dermatology unit HC Marbella has a Diagnosis and Treatment service of Pigmented melanocytic lesions and malignant melanoma. nHC International Hospital Marbella is a reference center in the treatment of melanoma. 





July 6, 2020





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