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luxación hombro anterior

Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder anatomy and dislocation

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in our body. It consists of a ball known as the humeral head and a socket known as the glenoid. The high mobility of the shoulder requires a very shallow socket (glenoid). Around the socket there is a bumper (cartilage rim) called labrum which, together with a series of ligaments connecting the ball to the socket, prevent the ball slipping out of joint. These are called static stabilisers of the shoulder joint. On top of these structures there are four muscles called the rotator cuff connecting the scapula (shoulder blade) with the humerus (arm bone) and dynamically stabilising the shoulder when they contract. When the shoulder dislocates the traumatic force overcomes the blocking effect of the stabilisers and the labrum and ligaments can tear if the patient is young. Sometimes the rotator cuff muscles can tear if you are over 40 years of age. The shoulder can dislocate anteriorly (more common) or posteriorly. Shoulder dislocation is an emergency and requires urgent relocation under anaesthesia followed by a sling for 2 weeks and physiotherapy. A clinical examination by a specialised shoulder surgeon is recommended for active patients involved in sports activity.

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Inmunoterapia en HC Marbella

Oncology. #Genetic and Hereditary Cancer


Our genes may increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast, ovary, colorectal, and prostate cancers. If you have any relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer, the oncologists at HC Marbella, experts in genetics, can help you learn more about the risk of developing a determined cancer. At HC we offer you a genetic assessment with specific genetic tests for different types of cancer, in order to help you make important decisions.

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ABCDE Melanoma

Early diagnosis of melanoma is the key to ensuring a favorable prognosis.


The identification and excision of melanomas in early stages ensures a good patient prognosis but requires monitoring and thorough skin examination periodically. In fact, survival rates are around 90-95% in cases of non-invasive melanomas. However, in their infiltrating forms melanoma has high mortality rates, with survival rates lower than 20% when it has spread to other organs

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Oncology. #Precise diagnosis makes personalized medicine a reality


Nowadays, we know more about cancer tan we could have imagined a few years ago.


Traditionally, cancer was classified by its location in the body and treatment was decided based on the affected organ: lung, breast, solon, skin, blood, lymph nodes, etc. However, today it’s known that it is more precise to differentiate each type of cancer by the type of genetic mutation that causes each type.

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Quirófano ambiente controlado tipo A

HC restarts its surgical activity, in a maximum security environment

Hand in hand with one of the greatest experts in advanced surgery in our country, Dr. Enrique Moreno, specialist in general and digestive surgery, accompanied by Dr. Antonio González Chamorro, specialist in general and digestive surgery, and together with Dr. Darío Ballesteros, specialist in Anesthesiology and Reanimation, and the operating room nursing team, last Friday in HC Marbella underwent a complex oncological intervention for advanced surgery for pancreatic carcinoma. [Continue Reading]

#Nursing. Key piece in caring for the patient in HC Marbella


The history of humanity owes a lot to these health professionals.


And it is that without people willing to do this work, the great men of society would not have carried out their objectives. What would be the current health without Florence Nightingale, known as the mother of modern nursing, who went down in history for her work during the Crimean War and for her contribution to the reform of sanitary conditions in military hospitals. Or Margaret Sanger, who in 1917 opened the first family planning clinic in the US and, later, founded the American League for Birth Control.

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