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ABCDE Melanoma

Early diagnosis of melanoma is the key to ensuring a favorable prognosis.


The identification and excision of melanomas in early stages ensures a good patient prognosis but requires monitoring and thorough skin examination periodically. In fact, survival rates are around 90-95% in cases of non-invasive melanomas. However, in their infiltrating forms melanoma has high mortality rates, with survival rates lower than 20% when it has spread to other organs

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Oncology. #Precise diagnosis makes personalized medicine a reality


Nowadays, we know more about cancer tan we could have imagined a few years ago.


Traditionally, cancer was classified by its location in the body and treatment was decided based on the affected organ: lung, breast, solon, skin, blood, lymph nodes, etc. However, today it’s known that it is more precise to differentiate each type of cancer by the type of genetic mutation that causes each type.

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Quirófano ambiente controlado tipo A

HC restarts its surgical activity, in a maximum security environment

Hand in hand with one of the greatest experts in advanced surgery in our country, Dr. Enrique Moreno, specialist in general and digestive surgery, accompanied by Dr. Antonio González Chamorro, specialist in general and digestive surgery, and together with Dr. Darío Ballesteros, specialist in Anesthesiology and Reanimation, and the operating room nursing team, last Friday in HC Marbella underwent a complex oncological intervention for advanced surgery for pancreatic carcinoma. [Continue Reading]

#Nursing. Key piece in caring for the patient in HC Marbella


The history of humanity owes a lot to these health professionals.


And it is that without people willing to do this work, the great men of society would not have carried out their objectives. What would be the current health without Florence Nightingale, known as the mother of modern nursing, who went down in history for her work during the Crimean War and for her contribution to the reform of sanitary conditions in military hospitals. Or Margaret Sanger, who in 1917 opened the first family planning clinic in the US and, later, founded the American League for Birth Control.

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tipos de mascarillas

How, when and why should a mask be used?

mascarillasNow that the different phases of the de-escalation are taking shape, proposing the progressive return to a “normal activity”, which of course will not be normal as we enjoyed it before the Covid Pandemic19, more than ever, which ones are the behaviors that allow us to have maximum security so as not to infect others, nor to infect ourselves. [Continue Reading]

interpretación test Covid19 thumb

What to do if I get sick with COVID 19?

There are many news that we read these days about the coronavirus, but we really know how to act in case of contracting the virus. Dr. Álvarez, medical director of HC Marbella together with Dr. Sempere, an expert microbiologist and head of the HC laboratory, clarifies these doubts and tells us about the processes that are carried out in the hospital to treat the patient with COVID 19 in the different phases of the disease and the differences between the different tests. [Continue Reading]

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