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The Five Most Commonly Asked Questions about Complementary Medicine in Oncology

Medicina Complementaria en Oncología


What is complementary medicine in Oncology and which techniques does it typically entail?


Complementary medicine is part of the practices and products that “complement” traditional medical treatment in order to provide physical or psychological relief (relief from the actual disease or from the side effects of treatment).


Is it effective when combined with conventional medicine?


It has been demonstrated that certain practices are effective if they are done at the same time as, or immediately after, conventional treatments.


When is complementary therapy recommended and for which cancer patients?


It is recommended when the patient requests it, and when the goal is to alleviate symptoms without the use additional chemical products, especially for patients who already receive a great deal of medication as a part of the administered conventional treatment.


Examples might include: Acupunture sessions to relieve indigestion and nausea, or yoga and meditation to treat anxiety.


Any type of pathology (even if it isn’t oncological!) can benefit from complementary medicine.


Is complementary medicine safe?


In HC Marbella, we only offer products and techniques that are scientifically proven and accepted by the medical community. Many current products and practices on the market do not have proven effects, for that reason we insist that such treatments are always supervised by experienced doctors that can guide the patients, without risking their already fragile health or interfering with their conventional treatments.


What precautions should patients take before starting complementary therapy?


It is important that the doctors know which products the patient is taking they receive oncological treatment. Some complementary medicine practices could interfere with chemotherapy and reduce its effectiveness.


You should always tell your doctor without fear of being judged. Doctors are there to help patients and accompany them through the healing process.



January 25, 2018





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