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Coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause skin symptoms in children and teenagers

Dermatologists are seeing a high number of skin symptoms that could be caused by the Covid -19 virus, but it has yet to be proven.


Almost 400 French dermatologists have sounded the alarm bell regarding new skin symptoms of Covid-19 in coronavirus patients, highlighting several that could be associated with the disease called Acrosyndromes.


These are skin lesions that can affect the fingers, toes and heels, they can manifest as lesions that look like cold burns or chilblains, such as persistent or purplish-colored redness and sometimes painful fingers, toes and heels, vesicular or eczematous lesions, sometimes asymptomatic.


In the same sense, a group of Spanish dermatologists have been observing the same phenomenon during the last days, mainly in children, and asymptomatic young people whose parents or close relatives have been Covid -19 positive. Also, there is a reported case in Italy of a 13-year-old girl in which the first symptom of the new virus was erythematous-violet lesions on some toes, and days later the disease began to manifest itself.



Ref: Mazzotta F., Troccoli T. Dermatologia Pediatrica, Bari.


“I have seen two cases in the past few days of young people with similar injuries without symptoms”, explains dermatologist Marta Frieyro.



Figure_Erythematovioláceas plates in 19-year-old girl.


“The growing increase in the number of acrosyndromes observed mainly in children and teenagers without other symptoms but who have been in contact with close relatives of covid-19 positive, as well as communications in which they have been associated with covid 19-positive infections in teenagers, we should be alert and consult the dermatologist in case they may be the first or only symptoms of Covid-19 infection, and thus be able to detect possible undiagnosed cases of Covid .19 positive.


“We face a silent enemy, and everything has yet to be proven. Every day we are learning from this infection that was born just four months ago”.



Dra. Marta Frieyro
Dra. Marta Frieyro
Dermatology Unit HC Marbella



April 9, 2020




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