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* The FAS Fixed Hair System is a comfortable and natural alternative that provides a higher density of hair without having to undergo a hair transplant.


* It has nothing to do with the uncomfortable and unnatural wigs.


What is the fixed capillary system FAS?


The Hair Integration System or FAS System (Follicular Alternative System) is an innovative capillary integration system that is fixed to the scalp, is hand-made and designed specifically for each patient. Its completely natural results have been a revolution in the world of hair cosmetics. It consists of a mesh in which natural hair is inserted, matching the color and texture of each patient and achieving the desired density in each case, achieving a completely natural and undetectable result. The Capillary Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella is a pioneer in Spain in offering this technique.


What are its main advantages compared to the classic hair prostheses?


It is a Fixed Hair System that differs from the uncomfortable and unnatural wigs in two fundamental characteristics:


Naturalness: Not only because they are made to measure for each patient and are of natural hair, but because they are made on a base (biopolymer) that perfectly simulates the skin of the patient’s scalp.


Comfort: They are fixed to the scalp of the person. That is, the patient can make a totally normal life and it is not necessary to remove the system to perform activities such as showering, sleeping, playing sports, swimming in the sea … Only every 4-6 weeks the patient is taught to learn how to remove it and place it again.


Who is it for?


Women with androgenetic alopecia who are not candidates for transplantation and who seek greater naturalness and density of hair.


Men with large alopecia in whom the hair transplant can not guarantee a great coverage and capillary density.


Patients under treatment with chemotherapy or alopecia by radiotherapy who want to have a natural appearance without having to resort to unsightly wigs.


Patients with diseases of the scalp in which the transplant is not indicated. Some examples are cases of Fibrosing Frontal Alopecia, Cutaneous Lupus, Centrifugal Central Alopecia, among others.


tratamiento de la alopecia


Will it be noticed that I have a fixed capillary system?


Definitely not. It is made of natural hair looking for an exact similarity with the patient’s hair. In addition, unlike wigs, it is not done on a mesh, but on a “second skin” made of biocompatible polymer that perfectly simulates the patient’s scalp.


Is there any problem in using it?


There is no problem. Both the system and the products to place and remove it are dermatologically tested and meet all quality standards.


How is the FAS system designed and manufactured?


1. First, a medical diagnosis of the type of alopecia to be solved must be made and the need for medical treatment assessed. Then the FAS system will be designed, studying the cranial morphology of the patient, the characteristics of his scalp and hair. This study can last up to 2-3 hours and requires the application of molds and bandages on the patient’s head, without it being necessary to cut the hair. During this study allergy tests will also be performed to rule out an intolerance to the materials necessary for the integration of the FAS system.


2. After carrying out this study, the FAS system will take approximately 3 months to manufacture (artisan manufacture in Italy). Its creation is always manual and is done with natural hair that is grafted “hair by hair” into a biopolymer base (hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested) with the same characteristics as the scalp. Thanks to this process the natural result is achieved.


3. Finally, the FAS fixed capillary system is fixed to the patient’s scalp in a final session. The fixation is done in a single session, and does not require cutting the pre-existing hair. Finally, to achieve the best result of the total incorporation of the FAS system in the patient, Hair Cosmetic Advice will be carried out looking for the most natural hairstyle in the cut and color. Overall, this last visit usually requires 2 hours for the entire process.


How long does a FAS system last?


The average life of a FAS system is about 2-3 years. This period of time can be extended if two different systems are purchased and exchanged in each exchange. When a FAS system has been used for a long time, a repair can be requested to improve the quality and density of the hair integrated in the system, thus avoiding the need to make a new one.


Is it compatible to use the FAS system with the medical treatment of my alopecia?


Absolutely compatible The fixed capillary system FAS is a temporary or prolonged solution to a problem of alopecia, but it is not the definitive treatment of any type of alopecia. During the replacements of the FAS system, the expert dermatologist in trichology will be able to make a medical evaluation of the alopecia for which it is being monitored, and may even apply local treatments at the time if necessary.


Talk with us about your case. Our specialists of the Hair Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella will assess your case and will tell you if you can benefit from any of the treatments available. There are many alternatives for alopecia. Do not give it up for lost!


Sources: Dra. Mota / Dr. Alcaide / Dra. Meyer.
Capillary Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella.



August 30, 2018





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