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Dr Anna Alessandra Bellinvia is our Specialist in Breast Radiology

Dra. Bellinvia en HC Marbella


At HC Marbella Breast Unit it is possible to detect very small tumours thanks to the experience of professionals as Dr Bellinvia. This, together with early detection tests such as breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography), have a very high impact on the treatment and prognosis of breast cancer. Doctor Bellinvia´s expertise, along with the specificity of the tomosynthesis technique, makes it possible to detect tumours that, due to their tiny size, could go unnoticed.


Dr Bellinvia has a degree in Medicine and Surgery. She is a specialist in Radiodiagnosis and Imaging Sciences. With her work, she has contributed fight against this disease in medical centres of reference at Milan, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Algeciras and Malaga. She is currently our Breast Radiologist Specialist at HC Marbella, where she takes care of her patients in different languages (Italian, English or Spanish).


She has co-authored numerous scientific publications on breast cancer, some of which have been presented at the meetings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)



April 26, 2021





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