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Dra. Cristina Garrido Laguna, specialist in Family Medicine at HC Marbella

Dra. Garrido en HC Marbella


We welcome Dr. Cristina Garrido Laguna to HC Marbella as a specialist in Family and Community Medicine. This speciality is based on the continuous and personal relationship between the doctor and the patient, focusing on the comprehensive care of the patient and the family unit, including paediatric patients.


Dr. Cristina Garrido has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra. She completed her speciality at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella and has subsequently worked as a family doctor in private practice and also for the Andalusian Public Healthcare System. Dr. Garrido specialises in palliative care patients. She has a Master in Palliative Care from the University of Valladolid. She has also performed clinical rotations and continuing training courses at the CUDECA Institute in Benalmadena. She treats complex patients with multiple pathologies, cares for disabled patients, manages palliative care at home and attends paediatric emergencies.


Dr. Garrido participated in numerous oral session communications and congresses as a specialist in Family Medicine. She is a member of SEMERGEN (Spanish Society of Doctors in Primary Medicine) and a member of the Official Medical Association of Malaga.


Dra. Garrido y Dr. ÁlvarezIf you need a doctor´s opinion, first ask for a consultation with our family medicine team. We diagnose and treat critical and chronic illnesses and we also perform routine checkups to offer the best treatment and we advise you on lifestyle changes to prevent certain illnesses before they appear.


Dr. Garrido arrives at HC Marbella as a specialist in Family and Community Medicine and Emergency Doctor teaming up with Dr. Salvador Álvarez, medical director at HC Marbella, who talks to us in this video about the importance and the necessity of the Family Doctor. .



October 1, 2021





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