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#Endometriosis: Recognise the signs

Endometriosis: Recognise the signs


If your periods are very heavy or painful, you may well be suffering from endometriosis, for successful control of this condition an early diagnosis is essential.


If you are having any of the following symptoms, please come to our clinic. A visit to the gynaecologist in time can prevent problems in the future:


▪ Severe period pain
▪ Severe pain other than during a period
▪ Pain on sexual intercourse
▪ Fertility problems
▪ Pain on defaecation


It is worth noting that some women with endometriosis have very few symptoms or none at all and are diagnosed incidentally, for example during abdominal surgery.


Endometriosis is a benign condition which affects many women during their fertile years.


In endometriosis, layers of cells which cover the uterine cavity are found outside the uterus, taking hold at any site within the abdomen, including for example: ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, uterine ligaments and more rarely even in places such as the intestine, or lungs.


How is it treated?

Every woman is different and the treatment is individual. A woman’s age, symptoms and desire to have children must be taken into account.


The main objectives of treatment are therefore:


▪ Pain and symptomatic relief
▪ Prevention of the advancement of lesions
▪ Preservation or restoration of fertility


If the priority is to resolve the pain, hormonal contraceptive treatment is often sufficient, but if the lesions are more widespread, a combination of medical and surgical treatment may be required.


Unfortunately however, there is no definitive treatment to cure endometriosis.


You should know:

▪ Endometriosis is not a contagious disease or a sexually transmitted disease.
▪ Removal of the uterus is not always an effective treatment.
▪ Cysts resulting from endometriosis are benign and are not in any way related to cancer.




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#Endometriosis: Recognise the signs



June 15, 2017





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