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#First pregnancy from 35 years old

First pregnancy from 35 years old


Have you postponed your maternity due to your career or for not finding the right partner?

Have you noticed the important change between our mothers and us? In the previous generation, it was common for women in their twenties to be asked when they would have a baby. Today this question is almost unthinkable.


For many women, the best time for motherhood begins at age 30 and extends beyond 40. More and more women become new mothers around the age of 40.


Does fertility in women decline with age or is it a myth?

We think that by being in good shape, our fertility also remains intact but this is not so. Over the years, the ovaries suffer from aging and the process of maturing the eggs is not the same at 35 as at 25.


In addition, with age the number of available eggs declines.
The woman is born with two million eggs on average. When the first menstruation appears, there are still 400,000. At 35, there are only 35,000 left.


The ideal age to get pregnant is around the age of 24. At around 35 the pregnancy rate is around 10 percent per cycle, although this will depend on each woman.


The good news is that you are already pregnant, however, your age worries you.


A risky pregnancy?

Have you ever heard the expression “primiparous women”?
This term was very recently used by doctors to mean women who had their first son from 35 years old. However, many gynecologists regard this concept as outdated. Studies show that, with proper care, there is no increased danger for the mother or the baby.


Are there differences between being a young mother or a mature mother?

There are differences at some points:


▪ Pregnant women above the age of 35 suffer more gestational diabetes than those who are very young, and they have a greater risk of gestosis (specific pathology of pregnancy).


▪ Nausea, back pain and other common pregnancy symptoms are not more common in women above the age of 35.


But don’t worry, as mature pregnant women take preventive controls seriously, any problems are usually detected early.


At HC Marbella we will take your pregnancy following all the necessary controls, including a prenatal diagnosis if you wish. It is known that the probability of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome increases with age.


What you need to know:

With regular check-up examinations, complications such as gestosis or uterine fibroids can be diagnosed in their early stages.


Pregnancy at late ages can overload the heart, the locomotor system and metabolism. However, this does not have to negatively influence the pregnancy evolution.


Gynecologists should inform pregnant women about prenatal diagnostic techniques such as amniocentesis or chorionic biopsy and the risks involved.


First pregnancy from 35 years old


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May 18, 2017





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