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HC restarts its surgical activity, in a maximum security environment

Hand in hand with one of the greatest experts in advanced surgery in our country, Dr. Enrique Moreno, specialist in general and digestive surgery, accompanied by Dr. Antonio González Chamorro, specialist in general and digestive surgery, and together with Dr. Darío Ballesteros, specialist in Anesthesiology and Reanimation, and the operating room nursing team, last Friday in HC Marbella underwent a complex oncological intervention for advanced surgery for pancreatic carcinoma.


Quirófano ambiente controlado tipo A


The intervention took place in one of the four HC operating rooms, completely renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and services prepared for all types of surgical interventions of different specialties and degrees of complexity (also vascular surgeries, trauma surgeries for implantation of complex prostheses, …).



At HC we know that controlled environments in a hospital are essential for patient safety. In the HC surgical area we ensure a type A controlled environment (the most demanding according to the ISO 14644 standard for clean rooms and controlled environments) and thus offer a determined air quality defined in terms of biosecurity and particle concentration. We have a laminar flow system that allows maintaining an ideal ultra clean air flow in the room and offering a safe and sterilized environment, minimizing the risk of infection.


Furthermore, our URPA and ICU postsurgical surveillance units have recently been reconditioned with the most current systems and equipped with the appropriate equipment to guarantee their effectiveness while minimizing the risk for patients.


The intervention has been carried out successfully.



May 17, 2020





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