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Our facilities, located 200 m from the sea in an environment surrounded by gardens that offers the patient the sensation of being at home and giving tranquility and well-being during their stay.


It has 16 fully equipped, spacious and comfortable rooms, many of these rooms are oriented to our wonderful garden.


HC Marbella has 11 consultation rooms that have a high level equipment to offer a first quality service and great care.


Our recently renovated surgical unit has 4 operating rooms and is equipped with the latest technology, 3 for GROUP I normal surgery and 1 for GROUP II special surgery. Maximum security is guaranteed through the so called laminar flow systems and the type A controlled environment room, which allows complex surgeries to be performed minimizing the risk of infections. In addition, we have 7 URPA posts for post-surgical surveillance. An endoscopy room and a hair transplant room complete the surgical area.


In addition, we have an Endovascular Cardio Unit, as well as 3 laboratories of Fertility, Andrology and Clinical Analysis.


Our physiotherapy center has a large room fully equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic material, as well as a swimming pool, an ideal complement for hydrotherapy sessions.


As a reference Cancer Center on the Costa del Sol, we have Oncology Day Hospital consisting of 3 individual rooms with large windows oriented to our garden, to apply all types of biological treatments, chemotherapy, hydration and transfusions, among others, depending on the needs of patients.


Our Diagnostic Imaging Center is the best equipped private center in Andalusia, with 3 Tesla MRI, Breast Tomosynthesis, CT 64 × 2 slices, PET-CT, various Ultrasound and X-Rays.


We have our own kitchen to serve our patients under the guidelines set by nutritionists attending the case of each patient.


Upon your arrival, we will attend you in our cozy receptions.


Every detail of this hospital is thinking so that our patient is our guest.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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