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International Day of the heart 2021

Heart BeatingEvery year on this day we find ourselves reminding everyone how important it is to keep our heart strong. We talk about healthy food, physical exercise, stress reduction and the importance of smoking cessation.


All our interest and focus is still turned towards the COVID-19 pandemia, and indeed, cardiac patients are at higher risk for more severe infection and also long term side effects affecting the heart after acute disease. But the biggest impact of COVID-19 on our hearts has been the avoidance of medical attention out of fear of infection.


So we use the international heart day to remind everyone that we need a healthy heart to stay healthy! Your cardiac symptoms can’t wait for the new COVID-vaccine, and should anyone experience any symptoms, do not wait until you get a heart attack, don’t exhaust your heart with the wrong heart beat, see a cardiologist and get your heart fixed in time. This will save your life and help you stay strong fighting COVID!


Cardio Care


Dr. Manuela Reisbeck

CardioCare International Heart Center at HC Marbella International Hospital



September 28, 2021





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