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Facial Team’s experts provide you with professional advice both before and after surgery. The allows us to help you with the necessary emotional preparation to adjust to the significant changes in appearance.



Our patient coordinator will recommend airlines that fly to Spain and give you information about travelling between the airport and Marbella (an approximately 40-minute trip). We recommend you travel lightly so you can avoid struggling with heavy bags on your journey home. Remember to check with your airline regarding restrictions and limits on luggage. Once in Marbella, you’ll need to take a local taxi to the Hospital (approximately 5-€15 each way).



We will provide you with a list of recommended accommodations in the surrounding area, covering a range of options: from a nearby seaside luxury resort with 3-star studio apartments to accommodation in a private home with experienced hosts who will be able to assist as needed. The cost of housing and meals is not included in our services, and it is to be covered by the patient unless otherwise noted.


Clothing and weather

The weather in Marbella is hot and humid in summer, and it is usually warm during the day year round. Although it seldom rains, between October and April we recommend you bring a light jacket. We also recommend you bring a hat to protect your face from the sun.


Bring clothes that are comfortable and loose and easy to put on.


The hospital

HC Marbella offers 24-hour medical care for patients. More complex surgeries may require a minimum of 2 nights at the hospital. The length of your stay will be indicated in your quote. Additional nights may incur additional cost.


In your private room you can enjoy the following amenities: private bathroom with shower, cable TV, telephone (calls charged to patient), Wi-Fi and a bed for a guest to stay the night. The Hospital does not cover any of the costs incurred by companions.


To avoid boredom

Bring entertainment items such as a laptop, music, books and magazines, a diary, games, etc.


Post-operative care

Our nursing team will take care of you, making routine room visits and cleaning the wounds.


We will give you specific instructions regarding when you may wash your hair and how to care for your wounds, along with instructions for taking medication.


Additional health care

In some cases optimal post-operative care will require a longer stay in the hospital (at extra cost).


Leisure in Marbella

After your stay in the hospital, you will most likely want to visit the city. Ask us for a list of activities, which we can help you book. HC Marbella is 15 minutes from the old town.

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