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Why HC Marbella?

Consulta MédicaInternational patients travel to Marbella from all over the world because they know we will provide them with treatment that is superior to that found in any other hospital.


Our goal is to provide our medical services to all international patients. We offer a home away from home in a unique environment, where the peace and tranquillity of our facility and surroundings will help you recover your health and well-being.


We provide a high level of medical care. Our medical team has extensive experience in advanced medicine and they are recognized internationally in their areas of specialty.


We want to make sure your stay during treatment is stress-free. We offer you your own room to ensure your comfort and satisfy all your needs.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

952908898 Oncology
951829978 Diagnosis by imaging
951829947 Gynecology
952908897 Fertility
951829947 Physiotherapy


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