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My HC, the patient portal

My HC, the patient portal is now operative.

My HC online appointment


My HC will allow you access in a secure environment:

  • Schedule appointments in most specialities and physicians (*). Also, you could manage and review your appointments.
  • See and download your test results.
  • Review and download your PCR test results.
  • Review and download your outpatient clinic and hospital discharge reports.
  • Access and download your radiology test reports.


How to access:


Information for online appointments *

At the present time, not all the specialities nor all the physicians are available to schedule online appointments. Please, if you don´t find the speciality or the doctor you want write to us here.


If you have medical insurance coverage, the portal will show you only the specialities and doctors approved by your medical insurance in our hospital. However, you could always schedule specialities and doctors not covered by your company privately.


My HC, closer to you



May 27, 2021





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