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New drug, with important benefits, at the Oncology Unit of HC Marbella

The Oncology Unit of HC Marbella International Hospital continues in its desire to offer all the possibilities available for care of our oncology patients, the treatment of immunotherapy, the liquid biopsy, etc. … this week the administration of a drug called Radio 223 Xofigo is a radiopharmaceutical that simulates calcium to enter the bone and from there emits alpha radiation to directly attack bone metastasis.


Our Hospital Pharmacist, COP. Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist. USA, Tom√°s Arrazola answers the most frequent questions about this drug.


For what patients is indicated?

It is indicated only for patients with MTS (symptomatic bone metastases), ie poorly controlled pain.


What benefits does it have over other alternatives?

The main benefit is that the overall survival of the patient is increased; the pain is controlled by decreasing analgesic needs.


How is this drug given?

It is given intravenously in one minute. It is carried out in the Nuclear Medicine Unit of HC Marbella (authorized to use radiopharmaceuticals). The patient may have a normal life after this administration.


How many sessions are needed?

6 doses are necessary to ensure their effectiveness.


Do you have any side effects?

It is generally better tolerated than chemotherapy; it can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and hematological toxicity, i.e., lowering of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.


Can the patient perform these treatments after receiving chemotherapy?

Yes, there is usually no contraindication in this situation.


The Oncology Unit of HC Marbella offers information on the innovation and advances in cancer treatments always remembering and recommending to the patient the need for their oncologist to evaluate the situation and to know if they are the ideal candidate to benefit from this drug or the other drugs available depending on your particular case.





June 26, 2017





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