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Estetica y rejuvenecimiento


You are 52 years old and you feel good, you have always taken care of yourself, exercised, watched your weight and followed beauty secrets to fix your first wrinkles. However, you abused the sun in your youth, the tanner the better!


Now you notice your skin is dull and limp, it’s lacking life. Dark facial spots have appeared due to the excessive sun exposure! If you had only known…


From the age of 50 on, due to hormonal changes and menopause, women’s skin loses elasticity and dries out, the oval of the face loses firmness and more wrinkles and expression lines appear in the face, neck, and cleavage.


It’s now that you want to rejuvenate without losing naturalness, as the specialists recommend.


There are different strategies to rejuvenate your appearance.


Furthermore, of the hyaluronic acid and toxin fillers, of those that we have already spoken, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments are specified based on either slight or moderate levels of aging. For those cases of acute cases of looseness or hanging skin, it may be necessary to apply minimally invasive surgical techniques.


In this article we focus on one of the most effective techniques for facial rejuvenation, the fractioned CO2 laser.


The fractioned CO2 laser is a rejuvenation treatment for the skin.


It is a true lifting, in which the deepest layers of the skin are destroyed, withdrawing damaged collagen and provoking regeneration of new collagen. It is recommended for both, the treatment of deep and superficial wrinkles and for expression lines.


How does the fractioned CO2 laser work?


The fractioned CO2 laser emits ultrafine beams of light that penetrate to skin to the dermis, alternating micro zones of vaporized tissue with those of intact tissue.


The laser energy penetrates to the deep dermis, causing a thermal effect that stimulates collagen formation and regenerates the epidermis.


A single session is enough to revitalize the collagen and it is not usually necessary to repeat it for 3 to 5 years after the treatment.


The treatment is done with cream local anesthesia, in the consultation. A surgeon is not necessary.


Post-treatment care consists of smooth facial creams and antibiotic pomades to avoid any infections. The initial inflamed appearance disappears in 4 to 5 days, allowing the application of makeup. Sun exposure should be avoided, and it is necessary to apply sunscreen in order to avoid pigmentation.


The treatment is very effective and there is a positive balance between discomfort and benefit.


In the case of keloid scars, caused by an excessive tissue growth in cases of burns, stings, and piercings, etc, various sessions are needed.


In eye-lifts and stretchmarks, a second session may be necessary, 6-12 months after.


A precursor to facial surgery.


By improving the texture of the skin with this technique, a more effective and long-lasting surgical technique is achieved.


You should know:


The fractioned CO2 laser has various recommendations:


● Facial rejuvenation:


Reduction of wrinkles and improvement of expression lines.
Improvement of scars (acne or surgical) and stretch marks.
Pigmentation spots. Improve benign pigmented lesions, freckles, moles, brown spots, and liver spots caused by ultraviolet radiation, chloasma, and melisma produced by hormonal changes or pregnancy.


Vaginal rejuvenation:


– The fractioned CO2 laser produces a thermal effect that stimulates the production of collagen in the cells and tissues of the vagina – allowing an effective, safe, and nonsurgical treatment for those effects caused by pregnancy, births, age, or menopause, considerable improving the quality of life.


If you want natural rejuvenation, consult us.


At HC Marbella we listen to you and study your case carefully, in order to make you the best recommendation. We will help you to recover a good appearance, in a comfortable, modern, and stress-free environment, where you will feel at ease.


Dra. Helga RiveraDoctor Helga Rivera


Aesthetic Medicine Unit.



April 3, 2018





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