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#Nursing. Key piece in caring for the patient in HC Marbella

Vacunación enfermería


The history of humanity owes a lot to these health professionals.


And it is that without people willing to do this work, the great men of society would not have carried out their objectives. What would be the current health without Florence Nightingale, known as the mother of modern nursing, who went down in history for her work during the Crimean War and for her contribution to the reform of sanitary conditions in military hospitals. Or Margaret Sanger, who in 1917 opened the first family planning clinic in the US and, later, founded the American League for Birth Control.


And it is that from the first moment in which you see the light of the world, your relationship with your first nurse, your matron, the one that attends you from the first cry, is born.


Although altruism is an essential quality in this profession, to be competent in it, something more is needed. It takes a lot of preparation and extensive experience.


In HC Marbella, as much or more important than doctors are the nursing professionals.

“Our nursing team is exceptional, they are highly dedicated with the utmost respect for patient diversity,” Blanca de Castro, HC manager.


“For his specialization, for his training, for his good communication with patients and with the rest of health professionals, for his dedication …”, explains Sandra Jiménez Gil, Director of Nursing of HC Marbella, the reasons why a nurse is as much or more important than a doctor in HC Marbella, and stresses that “one of the keys of nursing is to have good communication with patients, since it is a basic and fundamental component within the nursing profession. The health personnel must know how to listen so as to be able to understand the patient, so obtaining optimal communication means improving the quality of life and satisfaction of both patients and their families. ”


Caring and humanizing.

equipo de enfermería

Characteristics such as empathy, active listening or respect for the dignity of the individual, to name a few, must be done with the aim of achieving effective communication and a satisfactory therapeutic relationship. All this generates a change when it comes to caring for and humanizing the entire care process, ostensibly improving the nurse-patient relationship.


Although these characteristics are basic for all nursing professionals, they become fundamental for specialized nursing, since the patient requires closeness and close monitoring. This is the case of oncology nursing and assisted reproduction nursing, two disciplines in which HC Marbella stands out.


Oncological Nursing.



At HC Marbella we have an Oncology Unit and a day hospital where the oncological patient receives specialized care from our side, “they are given chemotherapy treatment in a controlled manner, they are followed up and we also support the terminally ill”, declares Sandra Jiménez. “Our Oncology Unit is also involved in conducting oncological health education campaigns and early diagnosis in the population we serve,” she adds.


In recent years there has been an increase in the number of outpatient chemotherapy treatments, in part because new drugs are continuously appearing, therapeutic indications have increased in numerous tumors that until today lacked active drugs for their treatment, and in addition, non-chemotherapeutic drugs are emerging that improve tolerance and control of the toxicity of these treatments. This situation makes nursing care even more necessary.


Let’s not forget that cancer treatment is a multidisciplinary treatment. Oncological care is fundamentally a team work, which involves different units in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients (surgery, radiotherapy, pathology, laboratories, radiodiagnosis, preventive medicine and specialized services, hospital pharmacy) and is coordinated by the nursing station.


A very special bond is established with patients and their families which transcends professionalism. “Patients tell me that they love and admire me, but what they don’t know is that I admire them. Thanks to them, I have grown significantly as a person and I only have words of gratitude and affection for them and their families,” Rebeca Roman, Oncology Nurse at HC Marbella.


Surgical nursing


One of the most delicate and stressful moments for a patient is their journey through the operating theatre; the surgical nursing team therefore accompany and advise patients, keeping them informed every step of the way so they feel as calm and safe as possible. The scrub nurses and circulating nurses, along with anaesthetists and surgeons, are specialists who are highly knowledgeable in the surgical field. They deliver patient care with empathy, a listening ear, and with a vocation to provide individualised care, fundamental when dealing with people’s health. “The core of my operating theatre involves my entire nursing team, who know how to remain calm and create the tranquil environment which is required at all times ❤️❤,” explains Blanca Gil, Operating Theatre Supervisor.


“Your nurse will be your eyes when you are asleep during surgery. Don’t be afraid, choose a beautiful dream and enjoy it,” is what Isabela Liberta, operating theatre nurse, tells her patients, demonstrating the care and support provided by these professionals. This care is not limited to surgery, the staff accompany the patient at all times, before and during the operation as well as afterwards in the postoperative recovery rooms.


At HC Marbella, the patient is our center of attention.
Our goal are the people we are dealing with.
Our entire team focuses on the service and patient care, ensuring your care and a unique stay, with the highest standards of quality and well-being.



May 11, 2023




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