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Our colon cancer patients are treated using immunotherapeutic drugs with promising results

inmunoterapia y cáncer de colon Recently, the American Congress of Oncology (#ASCO18) was held in Chicago where the latest advances in #coloncancer , research, through #immunotherapy were presented. Various studies have been carried out on different immunotherapeutic drugs that have given very promising results.


There are currently two immunotherapeutic drugs (Pembrolizumab y Nivolumab) approved for colon cancer caused by a genetic mutation called Microsatellite instability; that cause a deficiency in the DNA repairing mechanisms and therefore there are a greater number of mutations. Although this mutation is not very common (15% of the total number of cases and 4% of the patients in advanced stages) it is important to carry out a study in all patients, given that the subgroup may benefit from such an effective treatment.


In the Oncology Unit at HC Marbella we are already using immunotherapeutic drugs to treat out patients with very good results.




June 5, 2018





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