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#Priming Gynecological Review

Priming Gynecological Review


When to do the first gynecological examination?

The first gynecological review generates numerous uncertainties whether you are a young girl or a mother and want to advise your daughter. Do you have to wait until you have had sex? What if she wants to keep her privacy and does not mention it?


The truth is that young girls do not come frequently to our visits, for several reasons: embarrassment, not having sex, lack of awareness about the real risk of an unwanted pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Therefore, maternal advice can be important.


How useful is the first gynecological examination when done early?

The gynecological revision, whatever age it may be, has a double mission, both preventive and curative.


It is clear that if there is a gynecological problem go to the gynecologist for a solution. The most frequent reasons at 20 years are alterations of the menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), abundant periods (menorrhagia), hair growth or acne and genital infections.


But as important or more than the above is the preventive work the gynecologists does. In the case of young girl’s two main areas:


▪ Prevention of unwanted pregnancy – guidance on contraception.
▪ Prevention of sexually transmitted infections – use of condoms or vaccination against papilloma virus.


What does it consist of?

Usually the first visit is to know the woman and to carry out her general and gynecological history. The clinical examination is very useful to evaluate the correct evolution of the sexual characteristics. The gynecological ultrasound will help us in case of alterations in bleeding.


It is advisable to start cytology tests two years after having started sex.


Blood tests, including hormonal profiles, will be performed if there are alterations in the menstrual cycle, eating disorders, hair growth or acne.


Therefore we believe that adolescence is a very important time to visit the gynecologist. Information on contraceptive methods and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases are important at this age when many girls begin their first sexual intercourse.


You must know:

▪ Gynecological examination may be bothersome, but not painful.


▪ Pelvic exams do not involve loss of virginity.


▪ Cytology is a common test that consists of taking a sample of cells from the vagina and then analyzing it so as to make an early diagnosis of lower genital tract lesions.


Priming Gynecological Review


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May 11, 2019





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