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Self-care in breast cancer patients

Eva Rando

Improving the quality of life after conquering breast cancer is simple

Early detection and new treatments are reducing the mortality associated with breast cancer; but often the consequences, especially related side effects persist in surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


The most frequent cases that occur in breast cancer surgery are lymph edema.


What is lymph edema?

Sometimes breast cancer surgery can remove lymph nodes found in the armpit to find out if the cancer has spread, by removing these lymph nodes; it is also possible to remove lymph vessels that carry fluid from the arm to the rest of body, causing a swelling in the upper extremity due to the accumulation of liquid.


Physiotherapy as preventive therapy

Complex decongestant physiotherapy is considered the standard treatment for the management of lymph edema. It consists of manual lymphatic drainage, compressive bandages and exercises that help mobilize lymph, skin care and advice for daily living.


It has also been shown that physical exercise improves and increases the quality of life in patients who receive chemotherapy or radiation showing common side effects such as fatigue, muscle weakness and mood disorders.


Physiotherapeutic treatment along with self-care can help the patient to achieve positive results and improve the ability to perform activities of daily living that are often prevented due to inactivity during treatment.


At HC Marbella we have rehabilitation programs aimed at the prevention of lymph edema. They are personalized treatments, our physiotherapist Eva Rando, coordinates each one of the treatments facilitating the necessary knowledge of all the post-surgical exercises that can be adapted to the actions of daily life, arriving to perform all the necessary actions and offering the patient a better Quality of life.



March 28, 2020





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