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Anaesthesiology is the medical specialty dedicated to attending and providing special care to patients during surgical procedures and other processes that may be unpleasant or painful(endoscopy, interventional radiology, etc.).


It also treats acute post-operative or chronic pain. Examples of the latter are analgesia during childbirth and pain relief for cancer patients. The specialty is called Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation because it covers the treatment of patients in critical condition in areas such as post-operative recovery and emergency treatment, as well as the care of critically-ill patients in intensive care units or in post-operative resuscitation.


The Anaesthesiology Department offers our patients a range of services related to anaesthesia, pre-operative medical evaluation and the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Our services are designed for the control and monitoring of the application of anaesthesia during and after an intervention and to improve the quality of life for patients with pain.



‚Ė™ General anaesthesia
‚Ė™ Local anaesthesia
‚Ė™ Post-anaesthetic monitoring
‚Ė™ Epidural
‚Ė™ Sedation


Pre-anaesthetic consultation

This involves the classification, stratification and diagnostics of the risks prior to surgery and the optimisation of the patient prior to surgery according to the underlying pathology.


Day hospital and outpatient surgery

Our integrated ward rounds provide the opportunity to perform surgical procedures for early discharge.

Anaesthesiology Consultants


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