tomesintesis mamaria
tomesintesis mamaria

Diagnostic breast radiology

The highest quality imaging enables the most accurate diagnosis


mamografía por tomosintesis

Breast imaging tests

We can diagnose or rule out disease using radiological investigations, we can also see the extent of the disease and are able to evaluate response to treatment.


At HC Marbella we have the latest diagnostic imaging technology with specialist breast radiologists who are able to detect tumours in their very early stages.


Mamografía 3D Marbella


Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) involves taking tomographic breast slices, similar to a scanner with very fine slices of 1mm-thickness, at the same time as normal mammography, preventing tissue overlap. In reality this is 3D mammography, especially useful in dense breasts.


What are the advantages of this technique?

It allows us to distinguish between all breast tissue and detect very small lesions that would previously have gone unnoticed, increasing the detection of invasive cancers by 40%. It is especially important when breast radiography is difficult to interpret, due to the abundance of breast tissue.


    • It increases specificity, and thus reduces false positives, tissues are seen in 3D and any tissue, whether benign or malignant, can be distinguished from healthy tissue.
    • It improves and shortens the time taken to diagnose breast pathology.
    • It reduces the number of diagnostic biopsies and additional tests required by the patient.
    • It is less uncomfortable than traditional mammography, requiring less time to perform with less severe breast compression, meaning less discomfort for the patient.
    • Better manipulation of breast images is possible, as expert radiologists can detect breast cancer more accurately.
    • It is of higher contrast. Radiologists can modify the contrast and brightness to make the slightest and most subtle variation in the breast easier to see, enabling detection of neoplastic lesions with greater accuracy.
    • Image quality is improved. This special type of mammography can be used in women between the ages of 40 and 50 and/or in women approaching menopause, whose breast tissue is denser than in older or postmenopausal women.




Ultrasound scanning is an imaging technique that uses ultrasound waves.


Main advantages:
  • Fast and effective diagnostic method.
  • Very easy to perform.
  • Does not use radiation, therefore totally harmless for the patient.


When indicated:
  • For the study of nodules and to distinguish solid from liquid lesions (cysts).
  • In young women under the age of 40 (the first study performed).
  • Over the age of 40, as a technique complementary to mammography.
  • Especially suitable for women with dense breasts, as is the case with young women, as it is more sensitive for finding lesions.


Recommendations for patients
  • In young patients, pregnant women or when directed by the doctor for any particular reason, it may be done without a mammogram beforehand.
  • A previous mammogram is required for patients over 40 years of age, except in specific situations as directed by your doctor.
  • You must bring previous ultrasound scans, if performed at another centre, for comparison.
resonancia 3 Teslas


Magnetic resonance imaging is a procedure that uses radio waves and a powerful magnet attached to a computer to produce detailed pictures of areas inside the body. These images can clearly show the difference between normal and abnormal tissue.


3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • The high-quality images obtained allow radiologists to be able to precisely differentiate between benign and malignant lesions with more certainty, leading to an earlier and more accurate diagnosis.
  • Higher precision and better detection of breast pathology, showing lesions which cannot be identified on mammography or ultrasound.
  • Detects lesions very early on, including in dense breasts.
  • The scan is performed in a very short time, with or without high resolution contrast.


When is it indicated:
  • It is the best method to establish the presence of a tumour when other radiological techniques may be failing.
  • The sensitivity of MRI is very high, it is higher than that of mammography and ultrasound, close to 80%.
  • In very young patients, when the breast is very dense.
  • In families with a predisposition to breast cancer, patients with hereditary risk.
  • It is the best imaging test to evaluate the size of the tumour, to see whether there are further areas in the same breast, or even whether there are findings in the other breast.




PET-CT combines nuclear medicine and tomography, providing metabolic information obtained by PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and anatomical information by CT (Computed Axial Tomography). Both tests, performed simultaneously, complement each other and have led to a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of tumour disease.


Benefits of PET-CT
  • Detects disease (differentiates between benign and malignant tumours).
  • Provides information on tumour malignancy.
  • Performs a precise locoregional and distant cancer assessment.
  • Helps to plan treatment effectively.
  • Assesses response to treatment afterwards.
  • Serves as a prognostic factor (tumour aggression parameters).
  • Detects recurrence early in the treatment processes (distinguishes inflammation/scarring from recurrence).
  • Enables an improved approach when performing biopsies.


Advantages of PET-CT at HC Marbella
  • More effective
    • It detects lesions which are 36% smaller
    • Superior imaging quality
  • Safer
    • Less drug injected
    • Better image quality
  • More comfortable
    • Less claustrophobic





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Especialista en Farmacia Hospitalaria
Especializado en terapia contra el cáncer, certificado por la Sociedad Americana de Farmacéuticos de Hospital

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