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What do we do if it is not normal?


In all cases the radiologist will assess the probability of the images corresponding to a benign or malignant lesion, as well as whether the study needs to complemented with other tests or whether the mammogram needs to be repeated at a later date.


If lumps are observed in the mammogram, the most common complementary tests are ultrasound, fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) or biopsy by stereotactic or surgical means.


30% of lesions detected by mammography are microscopic tumours, which do not invade deeply (carcinoma in situ). These tumours have an excellent prognosis.


A further test can be run: Ultrasound


Dr. Arrazola, Tomás
Especialista en Farmacia Hospitalaria
Especializado en terapia contra el cáncer, certificado por la Sociedad Americana de Farmacéuticos de Hospital

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