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What can be seen in a mammogram?

A mammogram can show a series of signs that indicate fairly accurately whether or not the lesion is suspected to be malignant. These signs include:



These are small mineral deposits that appear as small white spots on x-rays. The smallest are called microcalcifications and they may appear in isolation or in groups. This means that there are changes in the breast that require surveillance. Calcifications may correspond to benign tumours and, less often, to malignant tumours.



These can correspond to benign lesions, as in the case of a cyst, or malignant lesions. They may contain calcifications.



These are liquid-filled sacs in the breast. Diagnostic scanning must be done with a breast ultrasound. It may be necessary to aspirate the fluid so it can be analysed histologically.

It is rare that a cyst is malignant.


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