TAC PET Oncología
TAC PET Oncología


Terapia dirigida Marbella


HC Marbella uses the latest technological advances in the field of diagnostic imaging to serve our patients. We have teams of specialised and highly qualified radiologists who undergo continuous training in order to stay up to date and be able to offer this unique radiology service in Marbella. [More info]


Anatomía patológica

The Pathology offers diagnosis of structural changes of the tissues present in the biopsies, to the various alterations of tumor and non-tumor diseases. [More info]


Genomic platform

Through genomic tests we can know the behavior of certain groups of genes against cancer, their level of activity including the probability of growing or spreading, this helps us to customize the treatment of each patient. [More info]



The Medicine Nuclear Unit at HC Marbella is equipped with a PET/CT scanner. This imaging equipment is a combination of a PET scan featuring the latest LSO crystal technology, which has optimal imaging performance and lesion detectability, and a high-performance 6-slice CT scan, which has openings between the PET and CT rings to enhance the patient experience and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia.
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Oncology Consultants

Dr. Ponce Aix, Santiago
Medical Oncology Specialist
Clinical Dedication in Lung Cancer
Precision medicine
Cancer immunotherapy

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Online appointment and download of test results through My HC.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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