Tomosíntesis Marbella
Tomosíntesis Marbella

Breast Unit

Needs and Objectives of the Breast Unit


Exploración mama One in 10 women in Spain will develop breast cancer. For this reason it is essential to perform early diagnostic tests, which allow us to increase the chances of a cure, which can be higher than 90%, and so the patient can go to the units specialised in mammary pathology before the first symptom appears.


The Breast Unit’s Prevention Programme

The primary goal of the Breast Unit is prevention. Mammography is the most effective method for early diagnosis, as it allows to non-palpable lesions to be detected. For this reason, HC Marbella’s Breast Pathology Unit recommends an annual breast and gynaecological check-up. The specialist will recommend when you should begin mammographic screening and how it should be followed up taking into account your personal and family risk.



Our commitment to technological development

Mamografía 3D MarbellaThe Breast Unit at HC Marbella provides mammography using Tomosynthesis, otherwise known as 3D mammography, which performs volume reconstruction of the breast. It enables 43% more cases of invasive breast cancer to be detected and is able to obtain detailed images, even in dense breasts. It is much more precise than conventional mammography, learn more about its advantages.


Tomosynthesis also enables biopsies to be performed quickly and easily, guided by upright stereotaxis; it is the quickest, most efficient and minimally-invasive way of obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the breast pathology visible on mammography imaging.


Our department’s 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine provides fast, high-resolution, high-quality imaging, offering exceptional anatomical detail in breast pathology and enabling early detection of changes.


Thanks to clever, coordinated use of technology and multidisciplinary treatment, our team of professionals can act quickly to implement safe treatment protocols. They study each specific case to determine the diagnosis and personalised treatment options, making HC Marbella a reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of breast pathology



HC Marbella Breast Unit team:

Breast Unit Coordinator: Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes
Breast Surgeons: Dra. Ángela Escobar y Dr. Ramin Pakzad
Breast Radiodiagnosis:
Pathological Anatomy: Dr. Jorge López Sánchez
Reconstructive Surgery: Dr. Pietro di Mauro
Nuclear Medicine: Dr. Tomás Velasco
Hospital pharmacy: Tomás Arrazola
Psychooncology: Javier López Ibor
Oncology Infirmary: María Garrido Molina
Patient Coordinator: Lorena Pagán
Oncology Consultant: Dra. Eva Ciruelos





Dr. Arrazola, Tomás
Especialista en Farmacia Hospitalaria
Especializado en terapia contra el cáncer, certificado por la Sociedad Americana de Farmacéuticos de Hospital

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