Medicina personalizada
Medicina personalizada

Precision medicine

Precision medicine is the future of cancer care

Refers to a medical model using characterization of individuals’ phenotypes and genotypes (e.g. molecular profiling, medical image, lifestyle data) for tailoring the right therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time and/or to determine the predisposition to disease and/or to deliver timely and targeted prevention.

Targeted Therapy

Personalized Oncology Care has the capacity to:

  • Detect the onset of a disease at its earliest stages,
  • preempt the progression of disease and
  • at the same time, increase the efficiency of the health care system by improving quality, accessibility and affordability.


Precision medicine is often used to describe how genetic information about a person’s disease is being used to diagnose or treat their disease. Cancer is a disease of the genome and as more is learned about cancer tumors, the more we are finding that each tumor has its own set of genetic changes.


Understanding the genetic changes that are in cancer cells is leading to more effective treatment strategies that are tailored to the genetic profile of each patient’s cancer.

Oncology Consultants

Dr. Ponce Aix, Santiago
Medical Oncology Specialist
Clinical Dedication in Lung Cancer
Precision medicine
Cancer immunotherapy

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