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Sala quimio jardín
Sala quimio jardín

Oncology Treatments

Pioneers in medical techniques, demanding the best results.


Our goal is to provide our patients with everything they need, from diagnosis to treatment. The professionals at HC Marbella work closely with other medical specialists in a multidisciplinary way, enabling us to offer the best possible solution.

Quimioterapia en HC Marbella


Chemotherapy is the use of various drugs, which can be administered orally or intravenously, to treat tumors. Depending on the type of tumor and extension, different drugs are used and can be combined with another type of treatment.

Inmunoterapia en HC Marbella


Immunotherapy is the treatment that stimulates the patient’s immune system so that it is their own immune cells that eliminate the tumor cells. At HC Marbella we have extensive experience in the use of immunotherapy.

Terapia Dirigida en HC Marbella

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapies or precision medicine are drugs that interfere with specific alterations present in tumor cells and make the activity of these drugs much more accurate than classical chemotherapy.

Radioterapia en HC Marbella


Wir arbeiten daran, unseren onkologischen Patienten bald den Radiotherapie-Service im HC Marbella anzubieten.

Cirugia en HC Marbella


Surgery is a fundamental pillar in the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer patients. It can be diagnostic to be able to establish with a biopsy tumor histology as curative or in some cases palliative for the relief of symptoms associated with the tumor.

Unidad del dolor

Pain Unit

The pain unit, integrated within the HC anesthesiology unit, is responsible for treating both acute and chronic pain by pharmacological methods or non-pharmacological techniques in an integrated manner with the Oncology team.

Fisioterapia HC

Cancer rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation means we help the cancer patient arrive at an improved physical and functional state, to the extent that their capacities allow. Through this process we work to improve the quality of life of our patients.

C√°ncer y Deporte en Marbella

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine can help you live better with the disease, often relieving the side effects of conventional treatments, but also helping to physically recover from the sometimes aggressive treatment.


Oncology Consultants

Dr. Ponce Aix, Santiago
Especialista en Oncología Médica
Dedicación Clínica en Cáncer de Pulmón
Medicina de precisión
Inmunoterapia del c√°ncer

Dr. Pérez Martín, Diego
Especialista en Oncología Médica y Ginecología y Obstetricia
Dedicación Clínica en Cáncer de Mama y Ginecológicos

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