Consulta chequeos médicos
Consulta chequeos médicos

Check-up Unit

Unidad del dolorOrganizing your check-up and health evaluation is easy.


Prevention is the best investment for your health.


The HC Marbella Hospital offers a Medical Check-up Service in order to prevent diseases or detect them at early stages.


The check-ups are recommended for people without any symptoms, who would like to be aware of their current state of health. Through this, risk factors of diseases to which the patient is exposed are identified, in order prevent them or detect them early.


Specialists recommend check-ups from 40 years on (and in certain cases earlier) and once a year (may vary in each case). Everything depends on the patient’s disease and characteristics.


HC Marbella International Hospital offers a multidisciplinary attention method that combines the traditional medical diagnostic and the most advanced technology, thanks to the team of specialists that make up the Check-up Unit and its infrastructure.


Our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, the comfortable and cheerful environment and an image that is far from that of traditional hospitals, makes the experience a pleasant meeting for the patient.


Our center offers a variety of check-ups with varied content and duration: from a few hours to two days.


In addition, we have three predefined programs:


  • Program 1.- “Essential” Check-up
  • Program 2.- “Advanced” Check-up
  • Program 3.- “Complete” Check-up


However, we offer the possibility of personalizing the content of your check-up, adjusting it to your individual needs. In order to do this, our medical team will carry out a questionnaire and evaluation for each patient.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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