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Hair transplant

At the HC Marbella dermocapillary unit we will help you choose and implement the best transplant technique for your case.


Hair transplantation is a permanent solution, provides a natural result and is undetectable, which provides a clear advantage over other alternative treatments.


Nowadays, two hair transplant techniques are used, the FUE technique and the FUT technique. The main difference between them is the method of extracting follicular units from the donor area. Occasionally, the two procedures can be combined to maximize the area of donor area and give the patient as much hair as possible.


FUT Technique

Técnica TIRA

For those men who seek maximum coverage and have advanced alopecia, the FUT technique is a very good option. It consists of the extraction of a band of scalp that extends from the back and side of the head. The donor area is stitched leaving a thin, almost invisible line through which the hair grows. The subsequent scarring will depend on the characteristics of the patient and the resulting scar can be hidden with the hair.


Our experienced team of professionals will carry out the process of dissection of the “Strip” in a meticulous way and under a microscope. Our technicians will separate the follicular units, according to the number of follicles, in follicular units of 1 hair, follicular units of 2 hairs and follicular units of 3 or 4 hairs. At the same time, that our technicians begin with the dissection work of the follicular units, our surgeon will begin with the creation of the incisions in the receiving area. These incisions will be carried out respecting the natural direction of the hair and designing a frontal line of implantation that gives a natural aspect to the transplant.


FUE Technique

Técnica FUE

The FUE technique is minimally invasive and perfectly tolerable for all patients, whose main advantage is the absence of stitches and linear scar. By not leaving a scar, you can wear very short hair.


The FUE technique gives very good results in patients with small alopecias or previously operated patients, whose donor area may have suffered some deterioration. It also works well in patients with advanced alopecias with a donor area with a density above the average and with good capillary characteristics.


The procedure consists of extracting individually the follicular units, completely removing the follicle from the scalp. The extraction is slower when compared to the FUT technique, being able to extract and implant between 1000 and 1500 follicular units in a single day.

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