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Hair transplantation with the FUE technique

The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction or “individual extraction of follicles”) is considered the most advanced technique of hair transplantation that exists.


Técnica FUE


Below we detail in detail but schematic the main aspects of it.



It is the technique of capillary micrografting that consists of the extraction one by one of the donor area of small scalp grafts with the so-called “follicular units” (groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair follicles as they are determined in a way natural). We can summarize it in what is the technique of “follicle to follicle” or “hair to hair”.


Surgical material used

For the extraction we use millimeter instruments called “punch”, which has the function of a cylindrical micro-scalpel with a range of 0.75 to 0.90 mm in diameter, using one or the other according to the diameter of the hair of each patient.


The cut of the hair

To perform the FUE technique, total or partial shaving of the donor area is needed. With the FUE technique scarcely remains scar: a tiny rounded scar, therefore, our patients may shave their heads or bring their hair as short as they wish. With the FUE technique, the patient will be able to choose the style that he wants to give to his hair at all times.



Local (possibility of sedation with anesthesiologist on request).


Type of incisions for extraction

Cuts with punch / Circumferential incisión.



The follicles are extracted one by one using micro-surgical tools (tweezers or extraction scissors). The extraction of follicles is simple, not painful and the area heals in 2 to 4 days.


Extraction of hair from other areas of the body

Hair can be obtained from other body parts of the body, usually beard and breast. The hair of the body is used to increase the posterior density, it is never used in the frontal line. Not everyone can be a candidate, but it increases our chances of treatment.


Folicullar damage

It must be performed by a well-trained surgeon so as not to produce the transection or cutting of the units during the making of the punches (or cylindrical micro-scalpel).


If for any reason the surgeon decides not to remove the follicular unit that he had chosen and incised with the micro-scalpel, it will continue its normal growth as it did previously.


Degree of invasion

The FUE technique is not considered invasive surgery. In fact it is a minor surgery, we classify it as a simple medical act.


Quality of Follicular Units

Generally, the follicular units are surrounded by less tissue than in the case of the strip, therefore, they are more delicate. The care of the grafts is maximum given that the surgeons are those who are directly involved in the entire surgery.


Selection of Follicular Units

The FUE technique allows us to select the follicular units that will provide the greatest density. This means that you can receive more hairs transplanted by the number of grafts contracted. For the restoration of the frontal line we use follicular units of 1 hair.


When we have the restored line we will use follicular units 2, 3 hairs to densify the posterior part of the line. The crown and parietal area are used follicular units of 2, 3 and 4 hairs.


Number of follicles per section

1500-1800 follicular units in 1 day.
Up to 3000-3300 follicular units in 2 days.
We are limited only by the availability of hair in the donor areas of the head and body.
The doctor decides the exact number of units removed, by extracting them one by one. This allows us to perform surgery to the liking of both, where the patient and surgeon decide whether to perform the procedure at a time or on the contrary do it “step by step” (for economic reasons, tests …).
Not limited to a single area. Hair can be removed from a larger area, and even patients who have lower density could extract more follicular units per session than with other methods or techniques.
Greater number of follicular units of 3-4 hairs.



It is made with high precision instruments that allow microincisions with the appropriate angle and direction to obtain optimal results. The units are implanted with tweezers or with the so called “Keep”.


The same day postoperative

In the donor area, the extraction areas heal in a few days and are completely undetectable without using any stitches. At 24 hours the fibrin has coated the multiple extraction points. In the receiving area presents the newly implanted grafts, which will become scabs with the passage of days.


Postoperatrive recovery

The FUE technique allows the patient to perform sports and lift weight after 14 days after the procedure. The waiting period is only to allow the follicular units transplanted to create roots in the receiving area. The donor area does not worry as in the case of the strip.


2nd week after surgery

Washing and removal of crusts at 6-7 days.


Final result

12 months – The final result is observed one year after the intervention.

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