Equipo detox
Equipo detox

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Addiction is a disease that is becoming a common problem in our society today.


In actual fact, addiction is a chemical dysfunction in the brain of reward, motivation and memory, that activate and manifest biologically, psychologically and socially.


This makes it impossible to stop using the substance, this leads to loss of control and abusing the substance even though ones life has become unmanageable. The craving for the drug is stronger than your rational thoughts, life then becomes unmanageable.


When using alcohol and or drugs becomes a need, and is out of control using, we find ourselves with a progressive disease, it is chronic and physically debilitating.


This can affect almost all the organs in the body and psychologically affect our mood, often causing depression.


Apart from harming oneself, the user is also harming their loved ones, family and friends, and life manageability.


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