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Otorrino Marbella
Otorrino Marbella

Ear, nose and throat

Ear, nose and throatOur otolaryngology specialists provide comprehensive care for diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat, including some that have traditionally been ignored, such as balance disorders, tinnitus and throat conditions (chronic pharyngitis). We also offer the latest and most effective diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, allowing for better healthcare management for patients suffering from these pathologies.


HC Marbella has a full range of endoscopic and microscopic systems that permit the paranasal evaluation of the ear, sinuses, nasopharynx, trachea and larynx (microinvasive) to determine a diagnosis and provide outpatient surgical procedures.


Diagnostics and therapy

▪ Endoscopies
▪ ENT Check-up: larynx, vocal cords, sinuses, ear, salivary glands
▪ Specialist in the Treatment of the EVB-Virus (Epstein-Barr-Virus and Mononucleosis)
▪ Laryngeal cancer prevention
▪ Endoscopic examination nose, throat
▪ Microscopic examination of the ears
▪ Sonography (Ecography) sinuses, neck, lymphatic and salivary glands
▪ Tinnitus Diagnosis & Treatment
▪ Hearing loss, Vertigo
▪ Audiometry (hearing tests)
▪ Tympanometry (pressure measure middle ear and Eustachian Tube)



▪ ENT child operations:
▪ ▪ Adenoidectomy
▪ ▪ Paracentesis (drum section)
▪ ▪ Tympanic drainage ( tubes)
▪ Tonsillectomy (tonsils), Laser
▪ Otoplasty
▪ Tympanoplasty , traumata oft he drum
▪ Microsurgery of the ear
▪ Snoring surgery with Laser
▪ Septumplasty
▪ Rhinoplasty
▪ microinvasive, endonasal surgery sinuses
▪ Salivary gland (Parotis, Submandibularis)



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