Unidad de la voz
Unidad de la voz

Voice care unit

The human voice is emitted from the vocal cords, allowing us to speak, sing, laugh, cry, scream, etc.


Our voice allows us to communicate with our environment and it constitutes a unique and personal identity trait. Therefore, when it changes, we lose part of our identity.


Returning this identity to the patient is our goal.

The human voice is produced by different parts: our lungs, vocal folds (also called vocal cords), and articulators. Our lungs have to be able to produce enough air to make the vocal folds vibrate (air is the voice’s “fuel”). The vocal folds are vibrators; they are the neuromuscular units that ‘fine tune’ our tone and timbre. The articulators (or vocal tract) consist of the tongue, palate, vocal folds, lips, etc. They articulate and filter sound.


The Voice Care Unit at HC Marbella treats disorders of the voice and breathing under the care of an otolaryngologist or Ear, Nose Throat doctor.


The vast majority of disorders can be diagnosed, studied and treated by our multidisciplinary unit, which allows us to offer patients a wide range of possible solutions.


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