Unidad de la voz
Unidad de la voz

Voice care

1. Avoid ambient noise

This is what most affects the voice since it forces you to speak at a volume that is above that of the ambient noise. Combining that with pollution (like smoke) and internal irritations (like alcohol) leads to conditions that make speaking more difficult and put a greater strain on your voice.


2. Do not speak beyond your means

Everyone has a resistance that depends on their personal characteristics and vocal training. When these limits are exceeded, the result is dysphonia and a predisposition to vocal disorders. In general, you can talk for about four hours a day and sing for about two.


3. Use your vocal apparatus well

If the veins in your neck are visible when you talk, it means that you are shouting or that your lungs are running out of air.


4. Do not smoke

Tobacco smoke is toxic. In addition to causing irritation, it causes dryness.


5. Stay well hydrated

Your vocal folds need to be well lubricated and have a thin layer of mucus. The best way to stay properly hydrated is to drink at least 1.5 litres a day, avoiding alcoholic and caffeinated drinks since they decrease the lubrication that the vocal folds need. Being in a dry environment also complicates the situation, and certain medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants, and antihypertensive drugs, cause dryness of the mucosa.


6. Get enough sleep and avoid shouting and stress

Sleeping less than six hours results in vocal fatigue and a susceptibility to injury. Shouting can cause nodules to appear, and the contraction of the vocal folds caused by stress can increase the risk of injury.


7. Avoid clearing your throat and do not cough forcefully

The safest and most efficient way of clearing your throat is this very simple strategy: breathe as deeply as possible, hold your breath for a moment and then and make a silent “H” sound as you exhale.


8. Speak little when you have laryngitis

Otherwise you may cause bleeding and other structural lesions.


9. Be in good general health, exercise and eat a balanced diet

Being in a good overall state of health helps you manage your vocal efforts better.


10. See the otolaryngologist

Voice alterations that last more than 15 days tend to reflect a structural change to the vocal folds, which is some cases can lead to the emergence of glottic cancer. In these cases, you need to consult with an ENT.


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