Genetic screening

Knowledge of human DNA has led to a radical change in the diagnosis and prognosis of genetic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, hereditary diseases, food intolerances, and premature aging, among others.


Genetic analyses have allowed us to accelerate the identification of individual genetic variants (genetic polymorphisms) associated with the increased risk of suffering a more or less rapid progression of cancer and the response to different treatments.


This makes it possible to provide a timely diagnosis and prognosis, which together with the clinical history, complementary tests and diagnostic imaging, allow us to design a prevention strategy that is customised for each patient.


HC Marbella Hospital and Lifegenetic have jointly developed a series of tests that serve as a preventive diagnostic, one that can be used before the appearance of any clinical symptoms of illnesses. The diagnostic is used to design an individualised therapy that keeps the disease from developing and in many cases cures it.


▪ Risk and early detection of colorectal cancer

▪ Risk and early detection of prostate cancer

▪ Risk of cancer in women (breast and ovarian cancer)

▪ Risk of cancer: lung and bladder

▪ Risk of skin cancer

▪ Cardiology: Hypertension, arteriosclerosis and thrombosis

▪ Obesity and metabolic syndrome

▪ Risk of oxidative stress and premature aging

▪ Food intolerances to lactose-fructose, gluten and celiac disease


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