Ginecology checkup
Ginecology checkup

Gynaecological check-ups

At HC Marbella we have a Screening Programme that specialises in diseases that affect women. Our objective is prevention.


Hence the importance of periodic check-ups.


We offer:

1. Gynaecological consultation with cytology and vaginal ultrasound


2. Gynaecological consultation with cytology, vaginal ultrasound and mammogram


3. Complete gynaecological examination




▪ Complete genital and breast examination

▪ Cytology and results

▪ Wet mount method

▪ Cervical assessment using colposcopy

▪ Vaginal ultrasound

▪ Breast ultrasound

▪ Mammography according to the needs of each patient

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In our gynaecological unit we speak German


Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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