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Gynecology Marbella

Intimate laser

Genital laser

The gynecology unit of HC Marbella has a new laser solution for the integral well-being of the female intimate area: the GyneLase ™ system with fractionated CO2 laser technology. This intimate laser means an effective, safe and non-surgical treatment to the effects caused by pregnancies, births, age or menopause in the woman’s body; Greatly increasing their quality of life.


How does it work?

The GyneLase ™ fractionated CO2 laser produces a controlled and highly precise thermal effect on the vaginal mucosa, causing a contraction and retention of the tissue, giving the vaginal canal its natural elasticity. The laser energy deposited along the vaginal wall, heats the tissue without damaging it, stimulating the formation of new collagen in the endopelvic fascia. The procedures are very simple to perform, they have no complications and the recovery is very fast.



Mild and moderate female urinary incontinence
Loss of urine suffered by women with stress urinary incontinence occurs when they play sports, laugh or sneeze. Thanks to the heat of the laser collagen remodeling in the vagina mucosa is enhanced, reinforcing the anterior wall of the vagina. [More information at Pelvic floor Unit]


Vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy
The intimate laser renews the collagen of the vagina that has lost tone and elasticity with the wear of the child birth and age. It is also beneficial in menopause because it increases mucosal thickness, lubrication and genital microcirculation.


Functional and aesthetic genital surgery
GyneLase™ helps to redesign and rejuvenate the appearance of the external genitalia, achieving greater uniformity. It is also used for genital whitening.


▪ Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
▪ Cystocele
▪ Rectocele


Advantages vaginal laser

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In our gynaecological unit we speak German


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