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Obstetrics and gynaecology

In the Obstetrics Unit, a thorough pregnancy control is carried out. Our medical team has a state-of-the-art ultrasound system for performing Prenatal Diagnosis using high-resolution 5 D ultrasound scans and complementary tests such as a genetic study with specific analyzes performed with highly reliable blood tests.


Our team of medical specialists provides comprehensive gynaecological care for women of all ages with the active participation of the patient. It offers complete gynaecological monitoring.


Our specialists pay special attention to menopause and the prevention and treatment of conditions associated with this period. They also deal with the prevention of breast cancer and cervical cancer, which are high incidence cancers, and they are involved in developing personal treatment plans for different types of gynaecological cancers.




▪ Changes caused by the menopause

▪ Gynaecological surgery (general, endoscopic and laparoscopic)

▪ Cytology

▪ Colposcopy

▪ Dilatation and Curettage (D and C)

▪ Female sterilization (tubal ligation)

▪ Breast examination

▪ Gynaecological examination

▪ Hysterectomy

▪ Hysteroscopy

▪ Mastectomy

▪ Mastectomy and Lymphadenectomy

▪ Myomectomy

▪ Osteoporosis

▪ Uterine polyps

▪ Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

▪ Vaginal repairing

▪ Breast lumtomy

▪ Gynaecological tumours

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In our gynaecological unit we speak German


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