Consulta Ginecología
Consulta Ginecología

Women’s health monitoring programme

HC Marbella offers a comprehensive and detailed assessment of women’s health, something which enables patients to understand and be aware of their current state of health and receive personal advice on maintaining their well-being.


We also offer a wide range of services for personalized early detection in accordance with each patient’s specific needs.



What are the parameters of women’s health?


The Women’s Health Monitoring Programme is suitable for women of all ages and includes the following:


▪ Blood pressure evaluation


▪ Complete blood analysis: cholesterol levels (risk prevention for cardiovascular diseases).


▪ Kidney and liver function tests and testing for anaemia.


▪ Urine analysis together with microscopic testing to detect diabetes, kidney disease, blood in urine or urine infection.


▪ Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity is another risk factor for heart disease.


▪ Electrocardiogram (ECG)


▪ A chest X-ray if there is a medical reason to suggest this is necessary.


▪ Lung function tests: checks on vital capacity and lung volume and the detection of respiratory problems.


▪ Eye sight tests: tests for short sightedness and far sightedness, tests for peripheral and 3D vision and testing for colour blindness.


▪ Hearing tests.


▪ Complete physical examination, including bones, joints and muscles.



We also offer:


▪ Mammography starting at age 40 (with previous appointment)


▪ Ultrasound (available upon doctor’s request)

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In our gynaecological unit we speak German


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