Haematology and haemotherapy

At HC Marbella we have a Hematology Unit that is responsible for:

• Medical care for patients with blood diseases in all phases of the process (anemia, alterations in white blood cells, alterations in the number and / or qualities of platelets, alterations in blood coagulation, hemophilia, hemochromatosis, leukemia acute and chronic, myelodysplastic syndromes, lymphomas, etc.)


• Indication of the transfusion of blood products (red blood cells, platelets, plasma) and transfusion safety


• Clinical and biological diagnosis of disorders that cause bleeding or thrombosis


• Advice on thrombophilia studies in patients with thrombosis and in women with repeat abortions


• Control of oral anticoagulation and advice on new oral anticoagulants


• Information and advice as consultants of blood alterations to other specialists


Unit specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Onco- hematological processes such as Multiple Myeloma and Lymphomas


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