personal enfermería
personal enfermería

Preventive medicine

The earlier a disease is detected, the more possibilities the patient has of being cured and the more successful the treatment will be.


Regular check-ups and health screenings can help discover latent health problems before any symptoms even occur, thereby preventing or delaying serious complications.


In HC Marbella we have created a Preventive Medicine Unit par excellence. As a result, a team of specialists in internal medicine are able to work using an interdisciplinary approach, generating a wealth of knowledge and highly competitive results that are well above average.


All of this benefits the patient, who receives first class medical care.


The HC health programme combines traditional diagnostic experience with the most advanced preventive medicine. The evaluations that are performed are tailored to suit the personal health requirements of each patient.


The most appropriate screening tests for each patient are chosen by taking into account risk factors like state of health, age, gender, family medical history and lifestyle.


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