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Jardines logopedia
Jardines logopedia


The unit of Logopedia at HC Marbella International Hospital prevents, detects, evaluates, diagnoses and treats the pathologies and disorders of oral and written communication, language, speech, swallowing and hearing.



In adults:


▪ Swallowing problems, dysphagia
▪ Articulation problems
▪ Verbal Fluency Disorders / Stuttering
▪ Difficulties in reading (dyslexia) and writing (dysgraphia)
▪ Voice problems
▪ Problems with speech, articulation, swallowing after a stroke or traumatic brain injury, Aphasia
▪ Laryngeal Cancer
▪ Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis …
▪ Post-operative problems of neurology, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, cervical and maxillofacial


En ni帽os:


▪ Delay of language
▪ Specific language disorder
▪ Difficulties of articulation
▪ Language difficulties associated with multicultural contexts and multilingualism
▪ Difficulties in learning to read and write
▪ Voice and Resonance Disorders
▪ Stuttering and other disorders of verbal fluency
▪ Swallowing difficulties
▪ Myofunctional therapy
▪ Language disorders in mental deficiency
▪ Language disorders in cerebral palsy
▪ Communication disorders in autism and generalized developmental disorders (TGD)
▪ Speech difficulties in hearing impairment
▪ Acquisition of language after a cochlear implant
▪ Language disorders in deaf blindness
▪ Disorders of the articulation due to malformations of speech organs
▪ Mutism and inhibition of language

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